Halibut Fishing

Heavy duty bottom fishing at its finest! Get ready for a marathon fight with these ferocious flatfish. Halibut are known as the prized fish of the Pacific Northwest, providing superior quality, excellent tasting filets that can be between $20 and $30 a pound in the stores and seafood markets. Come join the Tacklebuster crew on this awesome off-shore adventure! You’ll also see fantastic marine life on these trips, and you might even get lucky and catch a black cod later in the season!
The spring halibut season runs from May through June, or until the specified quota is reached. There is usually a smaller summer season beginning in August depending on the quota. Call for details, as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will set the halibut dates typically in March, but plan on being able to fish for halibut on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during the months it’s open.


– All-day Off-shore Halibut Fishing