Tips for Trips

This page is designed to prepare you for an exciting fishing experience aboard the 50 foot “Tacklebuster”. We want our customers to be ready for weather, seasickness, and a half/whole day ocean charter so here are a few tips from Captain “JT!”

  • Get a good night’s rest prior to coming onboard.
  • If you’re going to take Dramamine, take one the night before and one the morning of the trip. Talk with your Doctor about other possible options for seasickness.
  • Eat breakfast, or stick to your normal morning routine.
  • Dress in layers! It may be summer when you come out, but it’s still the beautiful Oregon Coast. We do provide raincoats if you forget yours onshore.
  • Pack a sack lunch and water/other fluids. We provide coffee, but it’s important that you stay hydrated.
  • Wear older shoes or rubber boots as they may get wet or fish blood on them. You can definitely wear rain pants if you want to look like a part of the crew!
  • Sunglasses are recommended! The light reflecting off of the water, even on cloudy days can affect your vision, protecting your eyes is important and something that people don’t always consider.
  • Some cash for tipping the deckhand (if he/she worked hard) and fish cleaning.
  • Bring a positive attitude! Remember, Fishfull thinking! We’re all out there to have fun. This is a lifestyle for us, not just an occupation. (Oh, and of course we want to catch fish!!!)