Vessel and Crew

The 50 foot “Tacklebuster” was built in 1976 by Delta Marine Industries and is powered by Twin 8.3 liter 400c Cummins rated at 400 hp each. The vessel is US Coast Guard Certified and Offshore Rated out to 100 nautical miles. Recently refitted, the “Tacklebuster” is CLEAN, FAST and RELIABLE for its customers cruising at a comfortable 18 knots. The large deck space and accommodating cabin provides a safe and fun fishing platform for all ages to enjoy.

Captain Jeurgen “JT” Turner


Captain Jeurgen “JT” Turner has been in the charter fishing industry 40+ years. He worked his way up from a fish cleaner in 1975 to a deckhand on the “Kingfisher” from 1976-1979, and quickly to a Captain in March of 1980 at the age of 19. He has a well-known reputation for having a clean, well-equipped vessel and takes pride in providing the Tacklebuster for his customers to fish aboard. He and his wife Teri, have owned three charter boats dating back to 1980 all named “Tacklebuster.””I’ve wanted to be a charter boat Captain since my first time behind the wheel of the “Kingfisher” at age six. Taking passengers out for an “ocean adventure,” whether it is fishing or whale watching, is a passion. The thrill of catching fish, BIG ONES, watching whales spouting, breaching and spy hopping, and the challenge of navigating the seas has always been thrilling! It’s a life style for my family not just a living, a way of life. I like to let passengers know they can “leave their worries on the beach” as my mentor taught me 35 years ago. I love the sounds and smells of the roaring diesels as we sail outbound on the ocean. I love the sounds of the “whoops and hollers” from the passengers as we make our way out the channel and into the vast pacific, and their first experience with the pitch and rolls of the sea. The most rewarding part of my job is hearing “Thank you Skipper we had a GREAT trip!” With that, I know I have done my job.”

Captain Tyler Turner


Captain Tyler Turner has grown up on charter boats and the ocean; boats and fishing are his life! From five years old, when he would wake up on the bunks below deck, eat his oatmeal and go help the customers catch fish, he knew ocean fishing would be a significant part of his life. Tuna and Halibut fishing are his favorite ocean activities, but the other fisheries such as bottom fishing and crabbing are a close second.”Everyday is so different out here on the ocean. I never get tired of waking up, jumping on the boat and meeting customers from all over the world. It’s one of the many joys of being part of the charter fishing industry. During their time on the Tacklebuster, customers get to experience this amazing outdoor adventure that has become my passion. I think I honestly enjoy watching others catch fish more than catching my own.”
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