Whale Watching

10710639_10152709041147410_1863150746980562808_nWhale watching is very popular in Depoe Bay, Oregon! The main southerly migration begins in the month of December and January as the pod of Gray Whales head to the warm, protected waters of three lagoons in Baja California. The week after Christmas, and Spring break is known as “Whale Watch Week,” and is the perfect time to come experience these marvelous creatures. An adult Gray Whale averages between 35-45 feet long about as long as a school bus, and weighs 30 to 40 tons equaling about ten elephants. They begin their northerly journey back to Alaska between February and June with many mothers and calves being spotted between April and June.Whale watching is fun for all ages, and is a great trip to go on if you’re unsure of how you will handle the ocean. This is a great field trip for school, and other groups looking for an adventure! We can accommodate groups up to 40 people on-board our vessel the “Tacklebuster.”